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One of the best flash mobs

Date: 20 March 2013

From Disney's Star Wars Weekend, Darth Vader does his best Michael Jackson to "Beat It."


Date: 20 March 2013

Esha gets slapped on an Indian Reality Show

Date: 15 February 2013

Pakistani TV Channel INDUS news reporter having some hard time recording a news clip.
Very funny Indus News Reporter.
Pakistani TV Channel Indus News Reporter.

Date: 26 October 2012

Check out this cool english Paanwala....


Date: 26 October 2012

Micromax bai ad

Date: 26 October 2012

BASE jumper Felix Baumgartner's innumerate and incredible jumps are whittled down to just 5 of the best, with a focus on his race against a plane, his BASE jump from Petronas Tower, the unprecedented Wingsuit flight across the English Channel and more incredible feats.!/RedBullStratos

[More] [Less]
Date: 26 October 2012

This is probably the bravest man i have seen in a long time, he manages to reach almost 130,000 feet THATS INSANE
The mans name is Felix Baumgartner, he manages to break the speed of sound.

Date: 26 October 2012
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The music is \'The Annual New England Xylophone Symposium\' by DoKashiteru at, licensed under creative commons with attribution for playing on this here video.
Date: 09 June 2011
In an episode of Dadagiri: Beat the Bullies, the actress playing the role of \'Esha, the Goddess\' slapped a contestant, Ravi Bhatia, in the face. His immediate response was to strike back in the same way. This resulted in a brawl involving the show\'s male host attacking Bhatia. The situation was resolved and filming continued with Bhatia and his team-mate taking part in a challenge set by \'Esha\'. On September 3, 2008 a video surfaced on the Internet of the taped portion of this episode containing the slap and the beating. [More] [Less]
Date: 23 September 2010
A fox licking window, caught on tape.
Date: 04 February 2011
OMG Dress : Changeable Fashion
Date: 18 November 2010
Category: Trailers : Hollywod
Date: 25 February 2010
Category: Hollywood

Maha Yodha Rama Trailer

Date: 23 July 2009
Category: Bollywood
Some are real bad
Date: 14 February 2011
Date: 09 October 2009
Highest Rated

Road side I.E.D explosion
Date: 05 October 2009
Date: 09 October 2009
This is my one of the favourite song ... Love this song.........
Date: 13 October 2009
Category: Marathi Videos
Date: 27 October 2009
Category: Indian Rock Band Videos
Date: 14 November 2009
Category: English Songs
Date: 02 December 2009
Date: 05 December 2009
Swedish dance group Bounce tribute MJ with this flash mob to Beat It.
Date: 08 January 2010


Crazy bike accidents caught on tape

Date: 30 July 2012
Smaran, a seven month old baby boy laughs out loud.
Date: 20 October 2010
The onion movie
Date: 21 February 2010
Category: Hollywood
Date: 27 October 2009
Category: Indian Rock Band Videos
Man electrocuted on the rooftop of a train caught on tape. Warning not for the weak hearted.
Date: 29 September 2009

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